Monday, February 4, 2013

Trumpeter 1/72 Zil 157 Truck (By Gürkan Özkan)

Hi friends,
There is a new contribution. His name's  Gürkan Özkan. He is making aircraft models, this model is his first miniafv model. Continue  Gurkan, everything will be fine.. And welcome to miniafv...

a few trial, figur or cargo...


  1. bu da çok güzel bitti. :)

  2. Terrific stuff! And I'm glad you just did this as I am waiting for two of these to arrive (the ICM made version). However, I got mine to convert into the American International K-7, which the Soviets copied to make the Zil 157. The SOviets were supplied the K-7s during WW2 as lend-lease and they liked it a lot.

    I want the K-7s for my Finnish war game army. As said, very good modelling!


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