Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trumpeter 1/72 Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger Porsche turret / by Burak Çınar

King Tiger in the Snow

Although the title brings an ancient computer game, “Tigers in the Snow,” to mind,  it is also useful to
my model. Snow camouflage could not befit to another vehicle, as to the King Tiger. I have selected it
for Armorama’s “King Tiger Campaign.”

This model is Trumpeter’s 72-scale Porsche turret King Tiger. Details of the kit were good enough if
you like fastening its assembly. Pieces were easily adapted without any problems. Tracks could not
be assembled by glue, and I have stapled both.

I have sprayed with light grey upper hull and with darker gray lower hull as primer. Then I have
sprayed with matt white. After that I have painted accessories in other colours. I have used pencil on
the metal to appear. After that, I have begun weathering. I have used dry pastel light gray, dark gray,
dark blue and white. Especially, white gives the snowy effect as being powdered, which I supported
Tamiya’s weathering set for adherent white. I have also used Tamiya’s black, metal and orange
weathering colours. Tracks, guns and other metal parts were painted with burnt iron and supported
with weathering colours. Exhausts were painted first dark red tone, before being supported with
Tamiya’s weathering orange and rust.

As decal I have used only German insignia, but not vehicle numbers, because I wanted to keep the
subject wide to put it into a diorama. It may be East Prussia, Hungary or somewhere in the West

At last step I have sprayed the model with matt varnish.

Burak Çınar...

Thank you Burak 
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