Friday, September 27, 2013

Revell 1/72 Merkava MK.III / by Murad Özer

Hi dear friends,
Here is a Merkava Mk.III  from Murad Özer. Good finish Murad..

Murad said that about this model,
"Merkava 3 of the IDF, from Revell in 1/72nd scale. This particular kit wasn’t available locally so i had to obtain it via parents’ travelling abroad. Whilst the kit is a-ok for Revell standards, the chains below the back of the turret and the 2 piece main gun were fiddly, although these are expected issues in this scale i really messed the gun bad…

Hull and turret assembly is pretty straightforward and their detailing is really nice, tho some tools are cast onto the hull, which will mean more tedious work when they are going to be painted."


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