Wednesday, October 23, 2013

UM Model 1/72 BA-3 Armored Vehicle / painting (by Erhan Atalay)

Hi my friends,

Now here is the painting page for my BA-3. Maybe an ugly car, Hakan Karlı didn't like this vehicle.
However, I liked it very much. I love the Russian vehicles. 

Painting time,  Vallejo model color and  various diluents ..Difficult to apply paint for airbrush..I prefer Vallejo airbrush cleaner for thinning..

test models for airbrush.. Matchbox and Ace..

Decal stage..

Need some soldier for vignette..

Some weathering..

true or false..

the base was made by Hakan Karlı.. Thank you my friend..

Make some mud..

With my little Matilda.. Not ready for you..

Headlight.. Microscale Krital Klear for lens..Only one drop..

click please for vignette http://miniafv....-172-ba-3-completed-by-erhan.html


  1. A lot of work, Erhan; but a beautiful product.

  2. The vehicle itself might not be a thing of beauty: the turret looks, and probably was, too big for the vehicle. I'm betting its cross-country performance didn't amount to much! But it is a very nice model painted up that way. A fine looking vignette in prospect, by the look.

    1. You are right, the turret is too big.. Thank you Piccolo...:)

  3. Hello.
    Models the final result I think it is successful.

    BA - 3 (GAZ-AAA truck) was a model in which the rear wheels raised to normal (road) driving.
    The last wheels was cold (not pull) used track over the wheels the terrain on rear wheels.

    1935 Itzhorsky factory makes the new model of 6-BA (ex-BA-3) with the same tower as the T-26 tank. (new BA-6 M / 1936)
    Two wheel frame behind the front wheel, helps off-road use.
    Compare USA T-4 armored car model year 1931.

  4. 1935 Design of BP-4, the same axle (bottom) than the BA-6
    The car was floating. Not used in combat missions.
    Other models:
    1939 M-1 Gaz. New model BA - 21 three axle, single wheels rear, two machine guns.
    1941 - 1944 / BA-46
    1944 / KSP-76 (76.2 mm anti tank cannon)

  5. Very nice description Maximex, thank you..

    1. :) Thank you.
      Don't mention it!

    2. General:
      Red Army tanks, generally had no national recognition.
      Before the war (1939) muutamien wagons on the tower was a red star.
      War time they were not used!

      Sides of the towers were often painted in different agitator means of slogans or the brigade's ID.
      In many did not have any symbol.

      1934 from the air for identification painted on the roof of the tower with a white cross, which is still used in the 1941 period.
      During the war, the characters varied roof.
      White triangle, inside the yellow circle or a red star.
      In 1943 the tower was covered by a roof with a broad white line.
      Hungary Battle (1944) trailer from stern to bow wide red line.

      Red Army and the Allies agreed in 1945 between the characteristics of armor.
      No agreement was reached.
      Americans do not want to give up their use of the signs.
      Red Army armours was painted white cross on the roof, tower over the white stripe.
      All the vehicles are not registered yet.

  6. Both Ba and Matilda look good.. But if I was you, I would play with tones of green a bit more...

    Which brand is that Matilda?

  7. Hi Sancar , too late for tones.
    Matilda :) she is an Airfix...not completed

  8. looks good to me. Can't wait to see the completed dio. All the best from Blue Bears Modelling Blogspot

  9. Hi Andy and thank you.. Your blog and models are very very nice. I like it.. Add your blog in may favourite blogs..

    1. Hello Erhan, thank you for your kind comments re my blog. I have to say thanks to you guys at miniafv for re awakening my interest in 1/72 scale models after I came across your site. look forward to seeing more great models. Cheers Andy

    2. Hi Andy, I'm glad for you.. Together, you and we continue to produce ...
      Run smallscale !!!

  10. This is looking awesome Erhan!

    I love the practise models!


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