Monday, October 21, 2013

Matchbox & Revell 1/76 A-34 Comet Mk.1 **first page** / by Özgür Aydın

Hello everyone,

Now, Özgür give us a small briefing. How to complete a small model . Subjects is a classic model, old Matchbox Comet. Topether let's watch...

firstly primer.. Vallejo Surface Primer..

Main color.. Mix olive green (% 80) , dark earth (% 20) and few drops white..

glossy varnish and use the decals with Tamiya Mark fit.

Again glossy varnish (Tamiya X-22)

Filter with black oilcolor,

Mix some Vallejo color and drybrush..

Dty mud and dust effect with pigments..

click please for second page http://miniafv....comet-mk1-second.html


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