Thursday, January 11, 2018

"Pitstop" Italy, 1943 / first page (by İbrahim ÖNER)

Hi fellas;

First of all I thank all miniafv team for their support…

Models : 

M4a1 Revell, M10 Wolverine UM(Ukraine), Willy Jeep Hasegawa,

Figures are Italeri’s product;

Crates ,tents, canvas, road signs, barrels, jerry cans are Academy, Italeri, Hasegawa and Value Gear (resin), shells are ABER (Polland), M10 metal gun barrel is PART (Polland) 

Some Techniques :

Canvas on Sherman is made of a material which is used in plumbing- called PTFE band-.

The rope on Sherman is Surgical sutures 3/0 silk (0,22 mm)

Wooden shelter on Sherman is made of wooden tea spoon. It was weathered in a coffee over night.

Sand bangs on Wolverine are hand made using model clay.

Base is Tamiya Texture Paint Dark Earth, Pigments are Revell’s product.

Painted with brush using Vallejo Model Colour, Panzer Aces, and Vallejo Sprey Matt/Gloss varnish is used. Artistic oil colours/White Spirit are used for weathering.

I hope you like it
İbrahim Öner..


Hello dear friends, 
We started with İbrahim's  post. Today here is the first page , about construction stage...


Models : Left to right Hasegawa Jeep , Revell Sherman , UM Model M10

Models need some weathering..

Sherman's turn..


click please for completed dio :http://miniafv....pitstop-italy-1943-final-by-ibrahim-oner.html
İbrahim & Erhan...


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