Sunday, July 22, 2018

Zvezda 1/72 SU-100 **first page** (by Kürşat Kaan Akoyun)

Hello dear friends,

Today Kaan's presentation ..
A nice winter camouflage on the Su-100.
Here we go ...

Only tracks forced me during assembly. But I solved the problem with very little glue. When making the tracks (about Zvezda), first combine the wheels with the tracks.  Then assemble to the body.

I usually apply WW2 tanks with red oxide lining. So there is a nice rust effect at the bottom.

With Zvezda ISU-152

Russian green for the base color

When I finished the green paint, I pressed the hair spray on the tank and waited for it to dry.
then paint with white, After the paint was dry, I completely watered the tank.
then I do an abrasion on it with an old brush. And lots of weathering..

to be continued with completed model,

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