Friday, October 26, 2018

1/72 Zvezda Turkish Cavalry & Janissaries diorama "DAWN" by Emre Erkaplan

Hello everyone,

This box diorama, which is work of mine, is showing a sequence from Ottoman's campains to Eastern Europe in 16th and 17th centuries.

I painted the Mostar Bridge and Bosnia view to the background. At the front, I set the janissaries (yeniçeri) and an Ottoman cavalary (sipahi) as entering in to a courtyard from a collapsedcity wall.

The figures i used are from 1\72 Zwezda kits number 8050 and number 8054. I named this box diorama as 'DAWN'

Emre Erkaplan

Turkish Cavalry Zvezda 8054  
Turkish Janissaries Zvezda 8050

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