Friday, October 12, 2018

Aoshima 1/72 US HEMIT M983A2 & Patriotpac-3 Launching Station **first page** (by Burak Özdil)

Hello everyone,

One of Burak Özdil's favorite subject. Patriot..

Hakan Karlı had done the Japanese army version of this vehicle.  http://miniafv....72-jasdf-patriot-pac-3.html

This time the United States version with M983A2 Tractor. (This box collaboration with Modecollect. I think M983A2 from Modelcollect )

Today there are construction stages.

If there is a Truck, the axles are important ...

Interesting wheels ..

engine detail..

after weathering..

these parts will change..

that's better..

after painting...

and our star...


click please for the completed model
Burak & Erhan...
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