Sunday, June 7, 2020

Airfix 1/72 WWII RAF Vehicle Set **inbox review** (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear friends,

I am sharing a review today.

Airfix kits are usually 1/76 scale. Recently it turned to 1/72 scale. One of the first examples, this kit was released in 2014, 

During WWII the vehicles used to provide transportation for RAF aircrew, ground crew and equipment played a role almost as important as the aircraft they flew and maintained. This set contains a Standard 'Tilly', one of the most ubiquitous light vehicles to be found on RAF bases during the war years and a Bedford MWD, a truck that was used throughout the conflict, both by the Army and the RAF. Parts are also included to make the MWC water carrier version of the Bedford. Also included is a BSA M20 motorcycle which was used by both the RAF and Army for communications duties.

I think the kit is of good quality .. I hope you like it.


Comment from Mac McCaskill...Thank you my friend..
”As this set will often be used in dioramas with 1/72 aircraft kits, it makes sense to depart from the usual 1/76 scale used for AFVs.
Re the highlighting of the tyre "flats", the assembly instructions include a painting detail inset showing the "flat". Also, the mountings appear to be keyed to reduce the risk of mounting error, but the inexperienced or unwary could still add them with "flats" at the top!
Every little helps!
Interesting to see the box contents clearly laid out - sprues, instructions, decals, box. No surprises when  you get the kit home and open the box.”

Right and left sides of the box

here is the parts..

weight effect..

weight effect..

clear parts..



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