Thursday, January 14, 2021

"Rebell Yell" ..American Civil war and Italeri 1/72 Confederate Infantry (by Emre Erkaplan)


Hello dear modeller,

Today I am sharing Emre Erkaplan's work. I really like this vignette, thank you buddy ..


Emre's note:

Rebel Yell
In 1861, first 13 states under the name of Confederate States of America who came together around Senate of Virginia, as the leader against England during the independence war , decided to seperate from Washington centered Us.As Washington declares this as a rebel, the American civil War had started. 

Like other civil wars, the American Civil war is realy interesting eras for us as miniature figure funs. They create a chance to observe all different kind of military details of any country or culture in a small scale. 

In my work, you see a C.S. infantry troop in on charge. In this troop there are Texas voluntiers, Louisiana volintiers, one Tennessee rifle man , 3 cavalary officers, Virginia infantary and Missishipy milisia. 

Emre Erkaplan..

Painting processes..

The perfect base for a nice vignette..


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