Friday, March 26, 2021

S-Model 1/72 Pz.Kpwf.III Ausf.G DAK (by Hakan Karlı)


Hello guys,

Hakan Karlı is one of the chefs of the "miniafv" family.

Hakan was silent for a long time. But now he started to produce .. I wanted to share his first model in the new period ..
An African Panzer 3 from the S-Model and resin details.
It was a nice vignette, congratulations, Hakan..


some photos from construction stage..

a nice detail for the desert floor .. Production by Cem Esen (from our family)

here is the completed model...


  1. Hakan Karlı is a rockstar. I am very glad that he returned to model-making again.

  2. rock star? like junkie? Nooooo...!
    I'm just a model test pilot...
    sometimes success..sometimes accident..


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