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Takom 1/72 Hungarian MAZ-537 tank transporter & Revell T-72M tank **first page** by Zsolt Czegle


Hello dear modeler, 

Today's page was prepared by Zsolt Czegle, Hungarian member of the miniafv team.

A very nice project, well done my friend.

Today I am sharing the construction steps.



Hello Mates,

 I have been collecting Hungarian-themed model sets for a long time.  I have built quite a few of these vehicles in recent years.  My biggest Hungarian-themed project so far (about 2 months) is the MAZ-537 tank transporter with the T-72M tank on it.

  The Takom MAZ kit is very nice and it was fun to build.  I just replaced the handrails with copper wire and made the homemade towing cables.  

Unfortunately, the Russian aftermarket sets are hardly available, so I almost gave up on the resin wheels, but I got a complete set of wheels from Armada Hobby (András thanks for the help).  So I had the resin wheels.  Although the set's rubber tires are nice, the robust resin wheels look better.

 Unfortunately, the finished model does not show the most spectacular improvements made to the trailer, but some photos were taken of the planks I made from balsa wood.

 The T-72M is a Revell kit, for which I used Hauler's photo etching + some homemade tuning on the turret.  I also replaced the towing cables with self-made ones.  I had a set of rollers from the previously built Modelcollect set, which I saw as nicer than Revell's own, so I replaced them as well.

 The base is a simple "square concrete" that I made from cardboard sheets.

Happy modeling,
Zsolt Czegle...

resin and rubber wheels.

click please for the final page :https://miniafv......hungarian-maz-537-tank.html

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