Monday, October 24, 2011

PM Model 1/72 Spitfire VB Tropical (M.Kerem Özkır)

First of all boxart and preview

I've drilled some holes for a better fix.

Then i've glued sticks and join the parts with sticks

Half is done.

Other side will be painted and decalled..

The other sides construction finished.

Stand is made of CD and insulin injector, and a small sized copy of instruction sheet 


A great preview from Kerem... We are waiting with AFV...


  1. Building something like this with an AFV would be very difficult. AFV body is made of top and bottom parts and tower is one piece. You can't demonstrate paint scheme like this. But it is possible to make like the right side of Spitfire. Vinyl tracks will make it easier but others are madness... I would try a wargame tank or an airfix soon.

  2. a wargame tank :) for example Italeri Semovente... Good idea Kerem , I'm waiting....:))

  3. Hat Achilles :P i think it's going to be an airfix

  4. Like I already said on Benno's forum, this is such a nice idea and the result is suberb!
    I love it!

  5. Outstanding idea and operation. Well done.


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