Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dragon 1/72 Sd.Kfz.251/7 AsufD (Sancar Buhur)

Sancar Buhur is my friend who do good works in Braille Scale. Welcome to MINIAFV Sancar ...


Hello everyone. My name is Sancar. Although my favorite modeling scale is 1/48, I like to build all scales. This 72 scale model is going to be my first model here in this blog but definitely not the last one :)

The model I’m going to share is Sd. Kfz. 251/7 from Dragon. I really love to build 251’s.  Code number of the model box is 7317.

If you have built one of these vehicles before you might know that building starts with the interior first. Following the guide, I cemented all the pieces fastly without any need of putty.

Dragon really made a perfect work with this model. You can find all details of 35 scale 251 models in this model. MG holders and back cover of the seats on the upper hull were given as PE. 

After finishing interior, I showed my care to other parts of the model. The cannon covers were also given as PE.

 If you do not check upper and lower hull before painting, you might have problems when you cementing. I did dryfit of the hulls. It seemed no problem to me 

 Finally, I started painting of the interior. Normally I like to use Tamiya paints as they easily dry. Here again, after first of coat of MR surfacer, I airbrushed combination of XF-60 Dark yellow, XF-49 Haki and XF-2 white. (For painting deep, darker areas) When I reached upper parts I added more XF-60 and XF -2 to mixture. Results can be seen easily from picture .

. After finishing main painting, I painted details using different colors of Tamiya. For the parts which are stand out and higher than others, I used Vallejo paints to give them lighter appearance. 

When painting finished I applied Raw Umber oil color as filter which I extremely thinned using thinner.

Next step is going to be wheathering…


  1. Very detailed kit and a great start.

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Yıkama, eskitme çalışmaları çok muhteşem... ön paneldeki işçilik ve detay da çok güzel...
    aynı modeli yapmıştım ama sizinki çok daha güzel olmuş :) ellerine sağlık... devamını merakla bekleyeceğim... Kolay gelsin...

  3. Ben de bekliyorum devamını, aynı kutu bende de var :)


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