Friday, January 10, 2014

Trumpeter 1/72 JGSDF Type 90 tank **painting** (for winter campaign) / by Erhan Atalay

Hello dear friends,

Let's continue the Type 90. On the first page, I told you I do for winter camouflage campaign. Do you remember review and build page ?
click please for the first page :http://miniafv..../trumpeter-172-jgsdf-type90-tank-winter.html

Hakan and I have found an interesting camouflage. We're doing the tank in the picture above. White spots ..

I used to paint tamiya JGSDF paint sets.. XF-72 JGSDF brown for base and XF-73 JGSDF dark green for camouflage..

How do make the white spot ?
First try, I wanted to use ready-made templates. Outer parts of the circle ..Like this..

However, this method is long and laborious, I gave up ..

When I examined the reference photo, I saw a simple sablon was created for this job.

Let's do it...

and the result . I think very nice pattern..

I used "parafilm" for canvas.. Parafilm is a transparent layer . I painted it with white ..  (What is parafilm

test paint :)

I painted the tires on the wheels. A difficult process after mounting

 I made the number 31 at the top of the tank with the old decals..

Tow-cable from "Eureka XXL" company..

Some weathering..

And figures .. There are two figures in the box .. They need winter clothes

click please for completed page http://miniafv....jgsdf-type90-completed-by.html


  1. Interesting, painstaking and effective! I am reminded, though, of a children's comic featuring a rather anemic character called 'Little Dot', a small girl with a fixation on dots, spots and the whole gamut of small circular shapes. Let loose for reasons I don't recall after more than 50 years upon an army base, and getting hold of paints and brush, she cover a tank and much of its surrounds with a bewildering array of polka dots (I'm not sure what the difference is between dots that are polka and those that are not, but let that go). The tank was rendered entirely invisible even close up.

    My recollection only goes that far, but I do believe Little Dot might have received a contract to develop her camo schemes for the U.S. Army as a whole...

    1. Hi Piccolo, thank you for sharing my friend..

  2. Brilliant Erhan, your usual high attention to detail

  3. Erhan you are a master modeller mate. It's terrific!

  4. Looking good Erhan! The figures give the model a nice tough too, adding some sense of scale.


  5. Good looking painting work. Ellerine sağlık..

  6. Al, Paul, Builder, Sancar and Andy, thank you for motivating thoughts friends..

  7. Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative article, painting with airless spray gun will be faster and more interesting!


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