Monday, January 20, 2014

Trumpeter 1/72 T-55 Mod 1958 (by Murad Özer)

Hi fellow modellers,

I built this tank for a very dear friend and a very good modeller from Czech Republic which is why the tank is carrying drybrushed white invasions stripes over the turret and it's hull which was inspired by the Prague uprisings of 1968. I kept the weathering to minimum intentionally for most of these tanks operated in an urban environment.

Altho it was a very easy and fast build most challenging part was making the vinyl tracks sag. I tried fixing the tracks to the wheels with various different methods and with different types of glues to no avail, ended up inserting tiny bits of metal pieces to the side of the chasis to hold the tracks down depicting a rolling motion rather than standing still.

Overall i am very pleased with the end result and hopefully you folks too. Enjoy the pictures and thanks goes out to MiniAFV for sharing this model!

Thank you for sharing Murad...

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  1. Simple, understated and... just the sort of thing I want for my 'Army of Tchagai.' The 'invasion stripes' I particularly like as giving character to the model, especially the look of its having been applied with a certain degree of haste, with no intention of permanence as the ... erm ... 'police action' would have been anticipated to have been quickly completed.


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