Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trumpeter 1/72 JS-3 Stalin, **continue** (By Erhan)

Let's continue to Stalin. Do you remember ? (first page http://miniafv.js-3-stalin-help-me.)

Now painting time. First try about paint. Vallejo "sand" too yellow and dark. Mix % 50 white.. You can see that color the upper and the following pictures. I don't like..

Burak Özdil sent me paint from Istanbul. Model Master "sand" . Nice color for Stalin. You can see this color below.

A little paint chips...

Scratches on the body...

adding towing cable..

update (05.12.2012)

decal stage.
Here ise reference and decals..

Trumpeter decal (like a sparrow) is left side, Roden decal  is (like peacocks) right side

I used Roden decals, more realistic...

update 21.12.2012

coming soon :)

click please for first page http://miniafv....1/72-js-3-stalin-help-me

completed modelhttp://miniafv.....trumpeter-172-egyptian-js-3-tank-by.html
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