Monday, April 15, 2013

Revell 1/72 M48, Turkish army, Winter Maneuver / Blue Forces (by Gürkan Özkan)

Hi dear friends, Gürkan Özkan completed a Turkish M48..He has a note for you.

"Once upon a time, when ı was 7 or 8, I have watched a program on television. Televisions were uncolored, just black and white. The program was about a military maneuver. I saw a tank. Full white, winter camouflage was shining. It was a great scene for a boy. Tanks divided to 2 groups. Blue and red forces. They were playing war games.

After 30 years, I tried to work for that winter camouflage. At first, I painted the tank standart Nato camouflage. Then ı changed my mind, I tried to work that white tank, just glowing indistinctly in my child childhood memory.
Thanks for watching....

Gürkan Özkan"

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