Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to make a simple base with Tamiya Texture Paint (by Erhan)

Hi dear friends,

Im trying different technics for making base to my show cases. This time, I will use a Tamiya product, Tamiya texture paint is a product to make soil surfaces. Its good for me, its very light. I dont want to make my cases heavy with sand and plaster. And I dont want too much height, this is another cause I prefer this product. If you want to know how big its 100 ml can, this photo will help you

This is the surface ı would cover

I masked the edge of the surface to get a better view

It is gritty and wet, like wet sand, but sure its more thin than sand

I tried to bleach its color and ı used vallejo light mud. I mixed both of them, it didnt decolor much ( Maybe its not enough for that ) but it helped me to cover the surface easier

I covered the surface by sloopy

I did a revision and wait for dry

After it dried enough a beautiful texture occured. I want to make some color performance for breaking up the monotony. Just work with brush...

I started using static grass. First work with bottle cap, then use on surface.

Here is the result. Maybe some revisions can be try, but its enough for me. I love this product.
PS : Translated to English by Gürkan Özkan.. Thank you my friend..


  1. I like that stuff, will have to get some, maybe at Salute.

  2. That looks great! Will have to buy some of that to try myself. Thanks!

  3. I hope, will be a good reference.

  4. Hi all, I'm just trying out this technique myself - I couldn't get the Tamiya product but got the Vallejo version instead. It looks like a very similar product.


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