Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dragon 1/72 Type 2 Ka-Mi w/floating Pontoon *painting* (by Erhan)

Hello dear friends, and welcome new followers,  "maximex" , "Modelscale andbrush" , "Rui", "Jose Sinfuselaje" . I hope you have fun at "miniafv".

Let's continue to Ka-Mi. Today is painting time. Do you remember Ka-Mi. Click please for first page :

First, I started painting with gray primer.

I wanted to do shading with black primer. But get used to airbrush, pressure and the distance is very important. No panic, :)

Painted with Vallejo 71096

Paint details..

little rust effect..

some weathering..

A study for the base...maybe :)

click please for completed model http://miniafv...type-2-ka-mi-completed-by.html


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