Sunday, August 9, 2020

Israeli Diamond T tank transporter from 1/76 Matchbox M-19 (by Burak Özdil)

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A new story from Burak Özdil.

Burak aims to revive the photo below. This photo about Israeli Diamond T tank transporter removing Syrian T-54 or T-55 from the Ramat Ha Golan front after Yom Kippur war. (The reference about the photo is from Robert Manasherob)

The M19 Tank Transporter was a heavy tank transporter system used in WW II  and into the 1950s. It consisted of a 12-ton 6x4 M20 Diamond T Model 980 truck and companion 12-wheel M9 trailer.

It is impossible to find an Diamond or M19 transporter at a scale of 1/72 .. But maybe it could be a 1/76 Matchbox .. We'll see ..

Providing the M19 kit was a problem. However, he was able to find a complete kit.

He started to disassemble...


Compare 1/76 Matchbox T-19 wheel with IBG 1/72 Diamond wheel. Continue with the Matchbox wheel..

Continue to detail the old pattern..

headlights ....

test fitting .. We will also explain the T-55 kit..

side mirrors..


continue to the details..

canvas was made with parafilm..(https://miniafv.../how-to-make-tarpaulin-tent-canvas.html)

Click please for the second page, T-55 story https://miniafv...revell-172-syrian-army-t-55-tank1973.html?m=1
Burak & Erhan...

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