Monday, February 1, 2021

IBG Model 1/72 44M Zrinyi I - Hungarian 75mm Assault Gun (by Zsolt Czegle)

Hello dear friends,

Today, Our Hungarian modelling friend dear Zsolt Czegle designed the page..Zsolt shared with us a model of his country's history.

Our topic is the Hungarian tank Zrinyi 1 (released by IBG Model)  

Brief information among the photos belongs to Zsolt.

Thanks for being with us my friend,

Greetings from Hungary to Turkey ..


model is painted in Hungarian field green and the color modulation is also airbrushed ...

the decals are on their place on the Zrinyi I , and the tracks and rubbers are painted with brush...

The pinwash is done . After, fading, belnding and some highlights painted with Abteilung 502 oils..

Looking good...(Erhan's note) 

The base is made with the Green Stuff World "Dutch brick" roller, the leaves are made from autumn leaves  with a GSW leaf puncher.  The manhole cover and the bucket are Hauler / Brengun PE, the barrels are the products of the Balaton Model. Everything are painted WITH AK's acrylic and Abt502 oils.

 Thank you for your attention!

Zsolt Czegle... 


  1. The model looks very beautiful. The particles of the pigments are too large and out of scale. I wonder what brand of paint he used for Hungarian green? I also have this kit and would like to paint it in the same color.

    1. Kürşat Kaan Kerimoğlu thank you!
      I used AK's Hungarian Army paint set (AK 4200) This set wad made according to the real paint used in WWII.


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